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Though our agency is unfailingly modern and cosmopolitan, our philosophy has always been more "small-town" vs. "big city." We believe that a more personal, formal, "old-fashioned" way of doing things is the best way. We ask questions (lots and lots of them!) and promptly identify what the most crucial aspects are to each search and how to most effectively and efficiently fill each position. Character, respect, discretion and honesty are at the center of who we are as a company and are the core values of our success.


Please find below, a list of our frequently asked questions to better assist you:

1. How do you find your candidates and clients?

After nineteen years as Greenwich, Connecticut's most prestigious domestic placement agency, 80% of our clients and candidates come our way via referral and word-of-mouth. Additionally, we frequently work with long-term clients and candidates who have hired previous staff from us and who have previously obtained positions. We've worked with over a thousand clients since 2003 and have an extensive network of contacts who are proud to call on us whenever a need may arise.

2. Do you allow trial periods with your candidates before an official hire?

Yes, absolutely! We offer up to a free, one-week trial period (you only pay a weekly salary to the candidate for working) to each client who is considering hiring a referred candidate from The Katie Facey Agency. Once you've made a determination that you'd like to proceed with a particular candidate, we will set up a trial for you so you may spend more time with the person, see their work first-hand and get to know them better before extending an official offer of employment.

3. What areas do you place in?

Though we are a Greenwich, Connecticut-based agency, we are able to place with clients located in any geographic region. We've worked with families in every major U.S. city and metropolitan area in addition to, clients in Europe, Canada, South America, Australia, Asia, the Middle East and South Africa. 

4. Do you do background checks on your candidates?

Yes, we do complete background checks and provide the results directly to each client for their records.

5. How long do you guarantee your placements for? 

We're proud to provide a 6-month guarantee on all placements. Should your initial placement not work out for whatever reason, we will replace the person free of charge for the first 180-days of employment.

7. How long does it take to fill my position once I register with you? 

Generally speaking, each client search will take anywhere from 2-6 weeks, depending on the exact requirements of each position. For example, if a client has any unique circumstances such as requiring a candidate who speaks a rare language or has an unconventional work schedule request, it may take longer to secure viable candidates compared to a client who is looking to fill a position for a standard, M-F, 40-50 hour work week, etc. As each search is personalized and thorough, we believe in taking the time to ensure we are meeting the client's expectations from the outset. This said, we've done placements in a matter of two days before! Please contact us if you have additional questions regarding time frame and we can provide a more personalized estimate, based on your needs.


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